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Department of Commerce(SF)

The Department of B.Com was started in 1995, B.Com (CA) in 2000 & M.Com (CA) was started in 2003. Our department envisages the life time value of the students by providing excellence in education in the fields of Commerce and Computer Applications. Apart from theoretical studies, students have to undergo outside the campus to gain practical exposure on various areas like marketing, finance and information technology.

They also undertake a project based on their interest to gain knowledge in the related areas. There is a department library which is useful for lending books to the students.
“THE HINDU” English News Papers are given to all the second year students to improve their Communication.



To equip the students well with both theoretical and practical knowledge as per the curriculum

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates must have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations of the Government of Tamilnadu with Commerce subjects or equivalent examinations recognized by syndicate of the Madurai Kamaraj University.

Duration of the Course

The Duration of the course (UG) shall be Three academic years comprising Six Semesters with Two Semesters in each academic year. In PG course shall be Two academic years comprising Four semesters with two Semesters in each academic year.

Course Content

The course contains important Subjects such as Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Company Organization, Economic Development of India, Principles of Insurance, Modern Banking, Promotional Marketing, Accounting for Firms, Corporate Accounting, Services Accounting, Indian Constitution, Statistical Methods, Auditing, Industrial Organization, Entrepreneurship, Income Tax Law and Practice, Practical Costing, Management of Human Resource, Fundamental of Computers, Business Application Programming, Database Management System, Oops Lab, Programming in C Lab, Visual Programming, Visual Basic Lab, Multimedia lab.


Semester One
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit / Vaniga Kadithangal 17 UAC T11 / H11 / S11 A11
2. English 17 UAC E11
3. Financial Accounting - 1 17 UCE C11 / 17UCC C11
4. Managerial Economics 17 UCE A11
5. Company Organization 17 UCE S11
6. Value Education 14 UAC VE1

Semester Two
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit / Aluvalaga Melanmai 17 UAC T21 / H21 / S21 / A21
2. English 17 UAC E21
3. Financial Accounting - 2 17 UCE C21 / 17UCC C21
4. Economics Development of India 17 UCE A21
5. Principles of Insurance 17 UCE S21
6. Environmental Studies 14 UAC ES1

Semester Three
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Modern Banking 14 UCE C31
2. Promotional Marketing 14 UCE C32
3. Accounting for Firms 14 UCE C33
4. Principles of Management 14 UCE C34
5. Statistical Methods 1 14 UCE A31
6. Banking Practical Lab 14 UCE S31
7. NME 1

Semester Four
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Auditing 14 UCE C41
2. Industrial Organization 14 UCE C42
3. Special Accounts 14 UCE C43
4. Enterpreneurship 14 UCE C44
5. Statistical Methods 2 14 UCE A41
6. Commerce Practical Lab 14 UCE S41
7. NME 2
8. Extension Activities

Semester Five
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Corporate Accounting 14 UCE C51
2. Business Legislation 1 14 UCE C52
3. Income Tax Law and Practice 1 14 UCE C53
4. Financial Markets and Services 14 UCE E51
5. Practical Costing 14 UCE E52
6. Soft Skills 16 USS S51

Semester Six
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Business Legislation 2 14 UCE C61
2. Income Tax Law and Practice 2 14 UCE C62
3. Services Accounting 14 UCE C63
4. Management of Human Resource 14 UCE E61
5. Accounting for Manager 14 UCE E62
6. General Knowledge 16 USS S61

M.Com (C.A>

Semester One
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Advance Cost Accounting 17 PCC C11 / 17 PCE C11
2. Financial Market and Services 17 PCC C12 / 17 PCE C12
3. Advance Accounting 17 PCC C13 / 17 PCE C13
4. Fundamental of Information Technology 17 PCC C14
5. Computerized Accounting and office Automations 17 PCC E11

Semester Two
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Customer RElationship Management 17 PCC C21 / 17 PCE C21
2. Management Acounting 17 PCC C22 / 17 PCE C22
3. Banking Technology 17 PCC C23 / 17 PCE C33
4. Introduction to Client Server Computing 17 PCC C24
5. Programming in Database Management System 17 PCC E21
6. Summer Placement and Practical Training ( 6 hrs per Week) 17 PCC CP1

Semester Three
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Overseas Marketting 14 PCC C31
2. Advance Computerized Accounting 14 PCC C32
3. Web Designing and Internet 14 PCC C33
4. Web Designing and Internet Lab 14 PCC C34
5. NME 1

Semester Four
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Financial Management 14 PCC C41
2. Enterprisse Resourse Plannning 14 PCC C42
3. Strategic Management 14 PCC C43
4. Computerized Application Oriented Project 14 PCC MP2
5. Executive Communication 14 PCC C44

Special Features

The department has a well equipped library with books and journals of well-known authors and renowed publishing houses. The goal is to provide ample resources on the campus so that they can be supplemented with additional information other than their course work. The library has more than 1800 commerce books in UG library and 250 books in PG library and 300 computer subject books.
We have computer facilities with internet access for the students to this helps the students to get further details of the latest technologies and information about the subjects.
Teaching Methods:
The students are being taught by using the latest technology (OHP) during the computer lab classes. The traditional methods are being followed to teach the students in the class room. Many of our department staff are accessing the internet and sharing the updated information with the students in their class hours.

Faculty Members

Sl.No. Name of the Staff DesignationProfile
1. Thiru. T.K.Ravichandran Head of the Department & Coordinator(S/F Courses)
2.Dr. K.K. Vijayakumar Assistant Professor.
3. Dr. M.S. Ananthi Assistant Professor.
4.Dr. K. Muthupandi Assistant Professor.
5.Tmt. S.JothilakshmiAssistant Professor.
6. Tmt. D. SaranyadeviAssistant Professor.
7. Thiru. S. Mahendran Assistant Professor.
8.Thiru. G. Chakaravarthi Kousik Assistant Professor.
9.Tmt. V. Muthulakshmi Assistant Professor.
10.Tmt. K. KaveriAssistant Professor.
11.Tmt.M.MathumathiAssistant Professor.
12.Thiru. B.KarthickAssistant Professor.
13.Tmt. R.GayathriAssistant Professor.
14.Dr.G.GayathriAssistant Professor.
15.Thiru. S.B.PremkumarAssistant Professor.