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Er. V.G.RAMDOSS, B.Tech.

Shri. V.G. Ramdoss is the President of Sourashtra College Council. Hailing from the family of philanthropists, he had his education at Alagappa College of Technology, Madras and graduated in Chemical Engineering. He was keen and active in sports activities and represented at the district level from school and college. Professionally he is a manufacturer and exporter of handloom sarees and textiles. By his sincere efforts and business skill, he has made the M/s.Vaithiam Sarees an internationally popular brand. He has liberally and magnanimously donated to the development of the College and has served as Executive Committee Member of Sourashtra High School Committee. He took tremendous efforts and initiated the Self Finance courses in Biochemistry and Microbiology in 1993 and Master of Business Administration in 1994 in our College. He has served as a member of the Executive Committee of Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry for sixteen years. He has been holding innumerable prestigious positions in various educational institutions and business associations. He is the life member of YMCA and ISKON. He shows great involvement in the development of the college. He works ceaselessly round the clock to elevate the college to greater heights.



Dr. D.R. Kumaresh is the Secretary of Sourashtra College Council. He had his education at Central Polytechnic College. He is a young, dynamic, energetic and cheerful humanitarian who is loved by all. He is a well-known engineer and an able administrator. He bears striking resemblance to his father Dr. D.R. Rajaram, former Managing Committee Member. He is actively involved in the development of the college. He is bringing out enormous positive changes in the college. He maintains a very cordial and friendly relationship with the staff members and students. A versatile personality, sagacious in his wisdom, he works tirelessly to take the college to greater heights. Magnanimous by nature, he has been rendering great service to the society and helps the economically backward students to pursue higher studies. He is the Joint Secretary of All India Sourashtra Youth Association and the Secretary of SOUKO Civil Engineering Association. He has served as the President of Lions Club of Madurai Host and Region Chairperson. He has been serving as the District Chairperson for the past 15 years


Shri. S.J.KUMARESH, B.Sc.,M.C.A.

Shri S.J. Kumaresh is the Treasurer of Sourashtra College Council. He is an experienced and brisk youth, and successful textile business man. He completed MCA degree in this College. He is successful in solving many challenging problems thereby earning goodwill from the public. Following the footsteps of his father Shri. S.K.Jagannathan , the former Secretary of Sourashtra College Council, he was inspired to work for the development of the community and became the member and has been doing noble service. He has to his credit many achievements in the field of education and public life.

Committee Member


Shri. T.R. Gokuldoss is the most experienced and senior most Committee member of Sourashtra College Council. By age, he may be more than 80, but he is still young at heart. He sowed the seed and put tremendous efforts in starting this institution in 1966. Similarly, he played a vital role in the establishment of Sourashtra Polytechnic College in 1983. He is the pioneer in introducing Biochemistry and Microbiology courses in 1993 in the self- finance stream of Sourashtra College to get more employment opportunities for the students. A sincere, determined disciplinarian who leads the young achievers and promotes the college to the pinnacles of glory. His enormous will power, meticulous planning and perseverance are amazing.

Committee Member

Shri. A.R.JAGANNATH, B.Com.,

Shri. A.R. Jagannath is the Committee Member of Sourashtra College Council. He has an outstanding record of achievements in industry. He follows the legasy of his father Late Shri. A.K. Ramamoorthy, L.M.E., who served as the President of Sourashtra College Council. He is the Former Chairman, Souvenir Committee and Hon. Secretary of Sourashtra Higher Secondary School, Madurai. He has achieved great milestones because of his excellent administration. He actively participates in the meetings held by the council of Sourashtra College and his deliberations have always been appreciated. His views are more practical, effective and overwhelming. After the demise of his father who is popularly known as “Kalvi Thanthai”, he was elected the Secretary of Sourashtra Higher Secondary School and Sourashtra Secondary School, Madurai.

Committee Member

Shri. D.S.JEEIER BABU, B.Com.,

Shri. D.S. Jeeier Babu is the Committee Member of Sourashtra College Council. He is a well-known manufacturer and distributor of the popular brand Suganti products (Agarbathi and Computer Sambrani). He has grown bounds and leaps by his sheer hard work, sincerity, honesty and determination. Through many associations, organisations, he has been helping financially to the needy and the less privileged students. He understands the difficulties faced by the students and renders yeoman service to the student community. He holds the position of the Treasurer of Taminadu Chamber of Commerce & Industry Madurai.

Committee Member

Shri . P.J. BANSIDHAR, D.C.E.,

Shri. P.J.Bansidhar is the Committee Member of Sourashtra College Council. He is a young and vibrant Engineer by Profession, running Rubber Processing machine manufacturing in the name of JB Hydraaulics having esteemed customers like TVS, JK Fenners(India) Ltd.,and others all over India. As a certified Trainer of Junior Chamber International India, he has been the Resource Person in TTT (Training to Teachers) and CCIM ( Central Council of Indian Medicine), Department of AAYUSH, Govt of India. He was selected to be a part of VTT (Vocational Training Team) to Japan during the year 2012-2013 from Rotary International by Rotary District 3000. He also serverd as president of LIONS CLUB of Madurai Host, Region Chairperson & GLT of Lions Dist. 324B3 He is an ardent lover of Sports. He shows immense interest in social activities. He has held many prestigious positions in various educational institutions and Business Associations. He shows immense interest in the overall development of the students and has been working towards achieving that goal. He is the Executive committee Member of KLNM Sourashtra Polytechnic council, K.Pudhur industrial Association , International Trade Promotion committee member at Tamilnadu Chamber Of Commerce And Industry.