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Department of Mathematics with Computer Application

The Department of Mathematics (Computer Application) was established in the year 2010. The Under Graduate programme started were instituted in 2010. Since then, the Department has completed four batches and produced more than 100 students awarded degree. Our department graduates were well placed in and around India. The Department has been producing excellent results over a period of 6 years. The Department has been successfully functioning with a well equipped Computer Laboratory, and a Department Library. The Department has adequate number of rooms to accommodate 120 students and 4 faculty members.



• To make the students the competent users of Mathematics and its applications in various fields.
• To understand and be able to use the language, symbols and notations of mathematics.
• To develop mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning when solving problems.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination conducted by the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Government of Tamil Nadu or any other Examinations accepted by the syndicate as equivalent there to with Mathematics as one of the subject.

Duration of the Course

The students shall undergo the prescribed course of study for a period of three academic years as six semesters.

Course Content

Semester One
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Vaniga Kadithangal 17 UAC T11 / H11 / A11
2. English 17 UAC E11
3. Financial Accounting - 1 17 UCE C11 / 17 UCC C11
4. Fundamentals of Computers 17 UCC A11
5. HTML Lab 17 UCC SP1
6. Value Education 17 UAC VE1

Semester Two
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Aluvalaga melanmai 17 UAC T21 / H21 / A21
2. English 17 UAC E21
3. Financial Accounting - 2 14 UCC C21 / 17 UCE C21
4. Business Application Programming 17 UCC A21
5. Programming in C Lab 17 UCC SP2
6. Environmental Studies 14 UAC ES1

Semester Three
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Data Management System *
2. Promotional Marketing
3. Accounting for firms
4. RDBMS Lab * 14 UCC MP3
5. Statistical Method 1 14 UCC A31
6. OOPS Lab (C++) * 14 UCC S31
7. NME - 1 Salesmenship 14 UCC N31

Semester Four
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Visual Programing *
2. Visual Basic Lab * 14 UCC MP4
3. Special Accounts 14 UCC C42
4. Enterprenuership 14 UCC C43
5. Statistical Method 2 14 UCC A41
6. Commerce Practical Lab 14 UCC SP4
7. NME - 2 Advertising 14 UCC N41
8. Extension Activities

Semester Five
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Corporate Accounting 14 UCC C51
2. Introduction to multimedia 14 UCC C52
3. Income tax law and practice 1 14 UCC C53
4. Multimedia Lab 14 UCC EP1
5. Practical Costing 14 UCC E51
6. Soft Skill 16 USS S11

Semester Six
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. E-Commerce 14 UCC C61
2. Income tax law and practice 2 14 UCC C62
3. Service Accounting 14 UCC C63
4. Project Work 14 UCC VV1
5. Accounting for Managers 14 UCC E61
6. General Knowledge 16 UGK B61

Special Features

a. Experienced and dedicated staff
b. Students undertake a Project work & Viva-Voce at the end of the semester.
c. Maintaining a Department Library with around 200 books d. The Department possesses a well equipped Computer Laboratory with 40 computers with a Laser Printer.

Additional features

  • 90% is the average success rate for the last three years.
  • Lab Classes are engaged by using Screen Task Technology.

Future Plan

To conduct workshops on mathematical related software.

Faculty Members

Sl.No. Name of the Staff DesignationProfile
1. Thiru. S. Ganesan Head & Assistant Professor
2.Thiru. S.K. Ganesh Babu Assistant Professor
3. Tmt. A. Sahaya Jenica Assistant Professor
4.Thiru.J.Karthick Babu Assistant Professor