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Department of Information Technology

The B.Sc Information Technology Course was started in the year 2000-01. Since then, the Department has produced around 600(16 batches) Information Technology graduates who are well placed in India & Abroad. The Department has been producing excellent results over a period of 15 years. The Department has been successfully functioning with a well equipped Computer Laboratory, and a Department Library. The Department has adequate number of rooms to accommodate 150 students and 4 faculty members.



The objective of the course is to prepare the students to manage the hardware and software components in a computer independently and to be a programmer, to take up higher studies in Computer Science/Applications and Management studies in well reputed Institutions.
The students are well trained with both theoretical and practical knowledge as per the curriculum. When a student join this course, her / his level of knowledge & self-confidence is generally very low. The department staff encourages the student in such a way that when they leave the college after 3 years, they become highly responsible citizens with values, and possess adequate knowledge so that they can face their future with courage and Confidence.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidate should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination with 10+2 pattern conducted by the Board of Higher Secondary Education Govt. of Tamilnadu or any other examination accepted by the syndicate as equivalent thereto and the candidate should have studied +2 level Mathematics in the 10+2 pattern.

Duration of the Course

Candidates should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination conducted by the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Government of Tamil Nadu or any other Examinations accepted by the syndicate as equivalent there to with Mathematics as one of the subject.

Course Content

The B.Sc. Information Technology syllabus has been updated every three years by the Board of studies for Information Technology . At present there are 8 Language papers, 15 Core Computer papers, 3 Elective papers with Project Work & Viva-Voce, 4 Skill Based Papers, 2 Non-major Elective papers. In addition, the course has the value added papers viz., Value education, Environmental studies, General knowledge & Soft skills.
Theory papers:
Digital Principles & Applications, Data Structures, Software Engineering, TCP/IP, Operating Systems, RDBMS, Web Design , C, C++, Java, Principles of Information Security ,Management Information System, Operations Research, Numerical Methods, Statistics, Introduction to Information System, Visual Basic.
Practical Papers:

Semester One
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit 17 UAC T11 / H11 / S11
2. English 17 UAC E11
3. Programming in C 17 UIT C11
4. Programming in C - Lab 17 UIT CP1
5. Statistics 17 UIT A11
6. Introduction of Information System 17 UIT S11
7. Value Education 14 UAC VE1

Semester Two
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit 17 UAC T21 / H21 / S21
2. English 17 UAC E21
3. OOPS in C++ 17 UIT CP1
4. OOPS in C++ - Lab 17 UIT CP2
5. Digital Principles and Application 17 UIT A21
6. Data Structure 17 UIT S21
7. EVS 14 UIT ES1

Semester Three
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit 17 UAC T31 / H31 / S31
2. English 17 UAC E31
3. Relational Database Management and SQL 16 UIT C31
4. Oracle Lab 16 UIT CP3
5. Resource Management Technique 16 UIT A31
6. Multimedia Lab 16 UIT SP1
7. NME

Semester Four
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit 17 UAC T31 / H31 / S31
2. English 17 UAC E31
3. Visual Basic 16 UIT C41
4. Visual Basic and .Net Lab 16 UIT CP4
5. Numerical Methods 16 UIT A41
6. Shell Programming and Linux Lab 16 UIT SP2
7. NME

Semester Five
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Java Programming 14 UIT C51
2. Java Programming lab 14 UIT MP5
3. Dot Net Lab
Mobile Computing
14 UIT MP6
14 UIT E51
4. E-Commerce
Software Testing
14 UIT E52
14 UIT E53
14 UIT E54
5. Client Server Computing
Pc Trouble Shooting & Maintanence
14 UIT E55
14 UIT E56
6. Soft Skills 16 USSS 51

Semester Six
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Software Engineering 14 UIT C61
2. Web Designing 14 UIT C62
3. Web Design Lab 14 UIT MP7
4. Project Viva Voce
Management Information System
14 UIT VV1
14 UIT E61
5. Bio Metrices
Data Mining
14 UIT E62
14 UIT E63
6. General Knowledge 16 UGK B61

Special Features

  • experienced and dedicated staff
  • Students undertake a Project work & Viva-Voce at the end of the semester.
  • Maintaining a Department Library with more than 600 books.
  • The Department has 4 staff among which 1 Professor is having more than 20 years of experience and 2 Professors are having more than 10 years of experience with M.Phil degrees and 1 Professor is having more than 5 years of experience
  • The Department has been Organizing Seminars and Conferences both at the State and
  • National level and International Level
  • The Department possess a well equipped Computer Laboratory with 40 computers with 1 HP Laser Printer.

Additional Features

  • 50% is the average success rate for the last five years.
  • Lab Classes are engaged by using Screen Task Technology.

Future Plans

  • To conduct Seminar/Conferences at the International level
  • To upgrade our Syllabus to the latest technology

Faculty Members

Sl.No. Area of Specialization DesignationProfile
1. Thiru.T.S.B.Arunprasanth Head & Associate Professor
2.Tmt.R.P. Uma Devi Associate Professor
3. Tmt.S.E. Hemapriya Assistant Professor
4.Thiru.T.R. Siva Sankari Assistant Professor