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Department of Computer Science

The B.Sc., (Computer Science) major programme was started in 1997 The Department has been producing exemplary results right from its inception. The Department constantly concentrates in the overall development of students. So far 18 batches of students have successfully completed their graduation. Many students have joined their higher studies and have been well placed.



To equip the students well with both theoretical and practical knowledge as per the curriculum.

Eligibility for Admission

Candidates must have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations of the Government of Tamilnadu with Science subjects or equivalent examinations recognized by the Syndicate of the Madurai Kamaraj University.

Duration of the Course

The duration of the course shall be three academic years comprising six semesters with two semesters in each academic year.

Course Content

The course contains important subjects such as Computer Graphic, Mobile Computing, Data Mining and Advanced Java

Semester One
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1.Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit17 UAC T11 / H11 / S11
2.English17 UAC E11
3.Programming in C17 UCS C11
4.Lab 1 : Programming in C - Lab17 UCS CP1
5.Discrete Mathematics17 UCS A11
6.Digital Principal & its Applications17 UCS S11
7.Value Education14 UAC VE1

Semester Two
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1.Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit17 UAC T21 / H21 / S21
2.English17 UAC E21
3.Object Oriented Programming using C++17 UCS C21
4.Lab 2 : OOP using C++ Lab17 UCS CP2
5.Probablility17 UCS A21
6.Computer Organization17 UCS S21
7.Environmental Studies14 UAC ES1

Semester Three
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1.Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit14 UAC T31 / H31 / S31
2.English14 UAC E31
3.JAVA programming14 UCS C31
4.Lab 3 : JAVA Lab14 UCS MP3
5.Opreation Research (Allied)14 UCS A31
6.Lab 4 : Linux and Shll Prog. (SBS)14 UCS S31
7.NME 1
Semester Four
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1.Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit14 UAC T41 / H41 / S41
2.English14 UAC E41
3.Data Sructures and Algorithms 14 UCS C41
4. Lab 5 : Visual Progeamming Language 14 UCS MP5
5. Numerical Methods (Allied) 14 UCS A41
6. Lab 6 : Multimedia & PHP Lab (Flash) 14 UCS S41
7. NME 2
8. Extension Activities

Semester Five
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Relational Database Management System 14 UCS C51
2. Operating System Management 14 UCS C52
3. Lab : 7 RDBMS Lab 14 UCS MP6
4. Software Engineering Concepts 14 UCS C53
5. Lab : 8 Web Design Lab (HTML / DHTML / JAVA, VB SCRIPT / XML) 14 UCS MP7
6. Advance Java Programming
Mobile Computing
Web Technology
Digital Image Programming
14 UCS E51
14 UCS E52
14UCS E53
14 UCS E54
7. Soft Skills 16 USS S51
Semester Six
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Computer Network 14 UCS C61
2. Computer Graphics 14 UCS C62
3. Quantitative Aptitude14 UCS C62
4.Lab 9 : Advance Visual Programming Language14 UCS MP8
5.Multimedia Technology and its Applications
Software Testing
Data Mining And its Application
Embedded Systems
14 UCS E61
14 UCS E62
14 UCS E63
14 UCS E64
6.Project & Viva-Voce14 UCS EP1
7.General Knowledge 16 UGK B61

Faculty Members

Sl.No. Name of the Staff DesignationProfile
1. Mr. S. Bharanisethupandian Head I/c. (Additional)
2. Thiru.K.R.Thanikasalam Associate Professor
3.Tmt.E.R. KavithaAssistant Professor
4. Thiru.L.R.SivaKumarAssistant Professor
5.Tmt.A.DhanalaskmiAssistant Professor