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Department of Biochemistry

The B.Sc Biochemistry programme was started in the Year 1993 with Chemistry and Biology as Ancillary subjects and has produced a number of undergraduates who are well placed in various fields. So far, 24 batches of students have successfully graduated.

Another arm was added to the Department in the form of a UGC sponsored course in Biotechnology, in 2002. M.Sc Biotechnology was commenced in 2005.

The department conducts Workshops to give hands-on training to the Student community from various Colleges. The department conducts annual intercollegiate meet every year to promote awareness and bringing out the hidden talent among the students.

Our students have been placed in various research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. One of our prominent alumni Dr. Ganesh Babu Malli Mohan serves as planetary protection engineer, Caltech - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, California. Our students have been recruited and placed as medical coders in various leading Multinational and Biotechnology companies like Biocon Pvt. Ltd.



  • Biochemistry is the study of the chemical basis of life and underpins all disciplines of biology.

  • Our unique programme will provide you with a detailed understanding of the molecular events that control growth and development of all living things.

  • Biochemistry also forms the basis of the biotechnology industry.
  • More importantly, the new and exciting disciplines of proteomics, genomics, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, and drug design all rely on the knowledge of and competency in biochemistry.

Eligibility for Admission

  • Candidates must have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations of the Government of Tamilnadu with Physics, Chemistry & Biology or Vocational (Agri, Nursing) subjects or equivalent examinations recognized by the syndicate of the Madurai Kamaraj University.

Duration of the Course

  • The Duration of the course shall be three academic years comprising six semesters with two semesters in each academic year.

Course Content

  • The Course contains important lab cum theory subjects such as Biochemical techniques, Enzymology, Immunotechnology, Genetic Engineering, and Food Processing Technology with Chemistry & Biology as allied subjects & NME subjects

Semester One
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil I Hindi I Sanskrit 14 UAC T 11/H11/S11
2. English 17 UAC E11
3. Bio Molecules Lab 17 UBC CP1
4. Core Lab 1 17 UBC MP1
5. Nutrition 17 UBC S11
6. General Chemistry 17 UCY A11
7. Lab in Allied Chemistry 17 UCY AP1
8. Value Education 14 UAC VE1

Semester Two
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil Hindi Sanskrit 14 UAC T 21/H21/S21
2. English 14 UAC E21
3. Bio Chemical Techniques 14 UBC C21
4. Core Lab 1 14 UBC CP1
5. Pharmacology 14 UBC S21
6. General Chemistry 2 14 UCY A21
7. Lab in Allied Chemistry 14 UCY AP1
8. EVS 14 UAC ES1

Certificate Course in BIO TECHNOLOGY
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Principles of Genetic Engineering 14 CBT BT1
2. Recombinant of DND Technology 14 CBT BT2
3. Lab in Molecular Genetics 14 CBT BTL

Certificate Course in BIO TECHNOLOGY - Semester Three
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil 14 UAC T31
2. English 14 UAC E31
3. Enzymology and Enzyme Technology (Core) 14 UBC C31
4. Major Lab 2 - Lab in Biochemical Analysys 14 UBC MP2
5. Medical Lab technology (skilled) 14 UBC S31
6. Cell Biology and genetics - allied biology theory - 1 14 UBC A31
7. Cell Biology and Genetics & Biodiversity and Conservation -Allied Biology Lab 14 UBC AP3
8. Health non major elective 14 UBC N31

Advance Diplomo in BIO TECHNOLOGY
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Bioprocess Technology 14 DBT DT1
2. Lab in Microbial Technology 14 DBT DL1

Advance Diplomo in BIO TECHNOLOGY - Semester Four
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Tamil 14 UAC T41
2. English 14 UAC E41
3. Metabolism Core 14 UBC C41
4. Major Lab 2 Lab in Biomedical Analysis 14 UBC MP2
5. Biostatistics skilled 14 UBC S41
6. Bio Diversity and conversation - Allied 2 14 UBC A41
7. Cell Biology and genetics & Biodiversity and Conservation - Allied Lab 14 UBC AP3
8. NME 2 Herbal Medicines 14 UBC N41
9. Extension Activities

Advance Diplomo in BIO TECHNOLOGY
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Plant Biotechnology & Plant Tissue Culture 14 DBT DT2
2. Animal Biotechnology 14 DBT DT3

Semester Five
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Molecular Biology 14 UBC C51
2. Immunology & Immunotechnology 14 UBC C53
3. Medical Diagonostics 14 UBC E51
4. Bioinformatics 14 UBC E52
5. Lab in Micro Biology and Immunology 14 UBC MP3
6. Soft Skill 1 16 USS S51
7. General Micro biology 14 UBC C52

Advance Diplomo Course in BIO TECHNOLOGY
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Lab in plant and Animal Biotechnology 14 DBT DL2
2. Dissertation (Project 1) 14 DBT P51
Semester Six
S.No.Subject TitleSubject Code
1. Biotechnology and Genetics Engineering 14 UBC C61
2. Clinical Biochemistry 14 UBC C63
3. Food Processing Technology 14 UBC C64
4. Endocrinology and Harmonal Regulations 14 UBC E61
5. Lab in clinical Biochemistry 14 UBC MP4
6. General Knoledge 16 UGK B61
7. Plant Biochemistry 14 UBC C62

Special Features


  • The department has a well equipped library with books and journals of well-known authors and renowned publishing houses. The goal is to provide ample resources on the campus so that they can be supplemented with additional information other than their course work.
  • The library is stocked with more than 1,500 books.

Laboratories and other resources
  • The Department is committed to give extensive hands-on-experience with modern Instrumentation and Computation which will provide problem solving skills. Major instruments like Fluorescent & Inverted, Water Bath Shaker, Ovens – Hot Air & Microwave, Tissue Homogenizer, Deep Freezers (-20oC & 80oC), Incubators – CO2 & BOD, Spectrophotometer, Chromatograph, Electrophoresis – SDS – PAGE & Agarose Gel, High Speed Centrifuges – Cooling & Micro centrifuge, PCR – Thermal Cycler, Lyophilizer, Laminar Air Flow Chamber – Horizontal & Vertical, Fermenter, Gel Documentation Unit, UV Transilluminator are employed in laboratory and project works throughout curriculum

  • We have Separate Laboratories for Plant Tissue Culture, Animal Cell Culture, Cold room (Protein work) and Bioinformatics.

Future Plan
The department has planned to organize inter school competition to the students of higher secondary schools in Madurai district to create awareness on life sciences in future.

Faculty Members

Sl.No. Name of the Staff DesignationProfile
1.Dr.K.Ragavan Head & Assistant Professor
2.Dr. A.R. Saranya DeviAssistant Professor