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Department of Hindi

The seed of Hindi Department of Sourashtra College was sown in the year 1967, Dr.K.M.Chandramohan had been instrumental in laying the foundation. Later Dr. N.S.G. Shanta Shankari has nurtured the department with her utmost dedication. Now department is flourishing under the guidance of very efficient faculty. Hindi is widely acclaimed and now it has reached the status of International language of friendship next to English. Now multinational companies are dependant only on Hindi Language for marketing their products. The curriculum is designed to fulfill today’s demand. The department offers Part-I Hindi to U.G. students who opt for it.



  • To develop excellent proficiency in the language and also enhance their ability to communicate effectively and acquire the pronunciation of native speaker.
  • To develop the ability to use the language effectively for the purpose of practical communication To make the students think and express ideas and emotions in the language.
  • To strengthen students’ ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate all forms of literary expression, So that they can continue their studies in Hindi by joining M.A. Hindi.


Candidates must have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations of the Government of Tamilnadu with Hindi language or Praveen exam through Dhakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha.

Duration of course

The duration of the course shall be two academic years comprising four semesters with two semesters in each academic year.

Course Content

The course contains important subjects such as Prose, Short Stories, One act play, Drama, Novel, Grammar, Ancient Poetry, Medieval Poetry, Modern Poetry, History of Hindi Literature, Letter writing, Tourism, Hints Development, Conversation, Comprehension, Translation, General essay.

Special Features


The library has a wide range of books from fundamentals of Hindi to Hindi classics. Contemporary literature books are also available in the library. Students can make use of this rich library to enhance their knowledge of Hindi. They can delve into the myriad subjects of Hindi literature and experience the profundity of language.


  • To conduct National Seminar
  • To apply for Minor research project

  • Faculty Members

    Sl.No. Name of the Staff DesignationProfile
    1. Dr. ROHINI PANDIAN Head & Assistant Professor